Pueblos de España Mini Blogs Vol 6: Fornalutx

A pueblo más bonito de España member since 2017, the village is connected by road and bus to Sóller to the west and Pollença to the east. As you are almost completely surrounded by hills and mountains, there is just 3 roads in and out, and the easiest way by public transport is from Sóller.Continue reading “Pueblos de España Mini Blogs Vol 6: Fornalutx”

Pueblos de España Mini Blog 3: Medinaceli, Soria

The province of Soria is the most sparsely populated in the whole country, where a village with more than 500 people is actually not common, and important to the region. Medinaceli is one of them, putting it in the top 20 most populated municipalities in the province, and one of the most beautiful. Listed asContinue reading “Pueblos de España Mini Blog 3: Medinaceli, Soria”

Pueblos de España, Mini blogs vol 2: Laguardia, Alava

If there’s one thing you think about when you say Basque country, the word would be green. In Laguardia however, you couldn’t be more wrong, as you could easily mistake it for being somewhere around the corner from the Mediterranean sea. For me, it was totally different from what I was expecting, especially as IContinue reading “Pueblos de España, Mini blogs vol 2: Laguardia, Alava”

Pueblos de España, Mini Blogs Vol 1: Xerta, Tarragona

Having decided that city guides are not the ideal home for my adventures into smaller picturesque towns and villages of Spain, I decided to make a new place for them. Many of them will be on the list of Pueblos Más Bonitos de España, or Most beautiful villages of Spain, Xerta is not one ofContinue reading “Pueblos de España, Mini Blogs Vol 1: Xerta, Tarragona”